3D Animator

Hindenburg  VR 3DA

“ The virtual window to the past “

Slightly colorized by imagination but still the detailed and genuine 3D reconstruction of largest flying machine ever built - LZ 129 Hindenburg.

Immerse yourself to the virtual reality and explore the exterior and interior of the airship, read the story behind, enjoy the experience of flight and soak up the atmosphere on board.

Meet the history using the technology of the future, educate yourself through play.

This project is dedicated to the memory of 36 victims who perished in the disaster and was developed with respect to the designers, engineers, crew members and generally to all who were able to create and operate the largest flying aircraft ever.

Solo project of Czech Indie developer - huge enthusiast of science and technology and since childhood big admirer of all the grand projects of humanity - who tries via most up-to-date technologies visualize and bring back to life even long disappeared realities.

Hindenburg VR